Snow and snow and snow and snow

7 December 2012

A whole bunch of snow has been falling on us in the last week and today it was -20 C (-4 F), making everything good and wintery around here. I do prefer it under freezing to over freezing this time of year, if given a choice, because it’s no fun going out in the rain and the snow is pretty and lightens things up a bit (next week will be the shortest day of the year). It doesn’t need to be quite this cold, exactly, but at least there’s no danger of this lovely, fluffy snow melting and then refreezing and being my arch-nemesis, ice. And we did spend all kinds of money on proper winter clothes so it’s at least nice we get some use out of them.



When snow’s on the ground children take their sleds and helmets to school to go sledding at recess. They even canceled gym one day for extra time sledding.

Snow also provides adults with exercise via the need to shovel it. I always think of winter as a time which is a break from yard work, but when the snow never stops coming down, endless physical labor is involved in removing it from your car and your driveway and your walkway and your steps.

The consolation prize is the fun for the children, the beauty and quiet of it, the change of pace and scenery and season.




5 Responses to “Snow and snow and snow and snow”

  1. a Says:

    It looks so pretty! I don’t mind shoveling snow, because at least I can get out of the house and not be too terribly cold (what with all that physical activity). Of course, it doesn’t snow every day here – or even more than once or twice during the winter.

    There is, though, nothing better on earth, for me, than the quiet that comes with a heavy snowfall.

  2. Youma Says:

    Is a strand of hair hanging down in front of the sled? I’m in pain just thinking about if it got caught underneath.

  3. christy Says:

    I love snow! Some years we get a ton, and some years we hardly get any. We got a slushy snow a few days after Halloween, but it has been warm ever since.

  4. Hemborgwife Says:

    I agree that I am fine with the extra cold temperatures to keep it nice and easy for walking!

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