Deprivation is the mother of invention

18 January 2012

Husband was lately converted to the cult of Apple products, so of course he has an iPad. Little Girl gets to play with it sometimes. She is alarmingly good at Angry Birds and there are several math and physics and reading educational games she likes to play, too. Much to her disappointment, however, she’s not allowed to play in the iPad as much as she would like (i.e. continuously, without limit). As a result she’s recreated apps on her GlowDoodle. At this point I think she actually prefers her own “iPad” now. She can play with it as much as she wants, and it has endless possibilities! Not to mention it’s purple.


5 Responses to “Deprivation is the mother of invention”

  1. a Says:

    Purple is the best! Along with creating your own games…

    Ah, the magnetism of the iPad…my daughter asked for one for Christmas. She didn’t get one. And then, the laptop that she had been using crashed and died. She was sad for a couple weeks, but then I started letting her use a newer spare laptop, so she’s happy again. She doesn’t really pester me for all the handheld games/toys that all the other kids have, so I figure a couple hours per week playing pre-school games won’t wreck her brain.

  2. Alexis Says:

    I got an iPad over the summer. Mine’s in love with it. it’s a good thing she doesn’t have my password or she’d be busy on the App Store.

    The funny part is watching her make videos of herself with the camera.

  3. Melissa Says:

    Hilarious! I kind of want a glow doodle now.

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