I hate cold.

18 October 2009

Six days ago we were swimming in the ocean and making sand castles in our bathing suits under a nice, warm sun. I don’t know what the hell happened but it’s totally freezing now. Hot weather doesn’t bother me at all–100 degrees? Great! No need to wear clothes!–but anything under 70 is unacceptable and we are already 20 degrees below that and I am unbearably cold. (Sweden, here I come!)

I’m pretty mopey about it. It feels not just like the end of this summer, but the end of any kind of summer for the rest of my life (don’t make fun of my melodrama). Even in July in Sweden you might need a jacket. Normally I like fall–my birthday, scarves, the candy, corduroys–but since the weather in Sweden is, in some ways, perpetually fall, at least Georgia-style, I’m not interested in experiencing it in advance. As though I had a choice. I’m pretty, disproportionately, I suppose, upset about the turn in the weather.

But I reluctantly put up the Halloween decorations and we carved a pumpkin and ate the seeds and that was nice so I guess I’m finally giving in and accepting that summer is gone and I’ll just have to be cold forever. There’s still fun stuff to do, I guess. Like washed-up logs to jump over and dead baby sharks–with teeth!–to poke at with sticks. It’s not all bad. Sigh. Sucks though. Least it’s not snowing, like it is in Sweden already.

IMG_1959 - Copy




7 Responses to “I hate cold.”

  1. a Says:

    We turned on our fireplace yesterday (mostly to make sure it worked). I’m not ready for fall, but I don’t seem to have a choice. Oh well, at least there’s Halloween candy to look forward to!

  2. thellfamily Says:

    We had 3 days of snow this week, with accumulation, power outages (friends spent a night here because ours was back after 12 hours and theirs took 36), and damage to our car from falling branches. Which actually sounds more like Sweden than PA!

  3. Betty M Says:

    I am no fan of cold either but at at least in Sweden they do it properly with snow and all. British cold is just wet and gloomy.

  4. christy Says:

    It has been chilly in NJ for a while, but I like the cold weather. You get to wear cardigan sweaters! And you don’t sweat! AWESOME!

  5. Calliope Says:

    WHAT???? You would rather it was hot?????
    oh my goodness.
    Actually I also don’t mind the heat. 6+ years in California was just fine. But the humidity of the south? fugitaboutit! I guess I like temps between 55-70 and I can do 70-80 as long as there is little humidity.
    Those photos are so effing cute!
    She is seriously stunning.

  6. pcosbabyerin Says:

    In GA you expect it to be warm. We weren’t expecting to need to get a new furnace for another week or two. The cold on Friday made me call that day. We froze all weekend and it’s being installed tomorrow–when it’s going to be 70 again. I’m so confused. When will it be fall?

    At least in Sweden if you’re expecting that kind of weather, it won’t seem abnormal.

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